paypal国区10 美元代金券 US$10 off

10 美元代金券 US$10 off

有效期限 2018年12月31日


海淘用 PayPal 付款优惠多更多。只需点击 “保存优惠” ,然后登录到您的 PayPal 账户, 10 美元代金券就会出现在您的钱包里,只要下次消费达 5 美元以上即可使用。此为限量优惠,先到先得,发完即止。成功领取的代金券使用有效期至 2018 年 12 月 31 日,且只能用於在支付与代金券相同货币時使用。每个账户限享一次优惠。
Enjoy this benefit when you make a transaction using PayPal, with a minimum spend of $5. Simply click “Save Offer”, then log in to your PayPal account and the offer will appear in your wallet. This is a limited offer, first come first served, and one time use only. Offer ends December 31 2018. Voucher can only be utilized on merchant sites that accept payment in USD. One redemption per user, first come first served.

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